Boston Emacs Meetup

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Monthly Meetup—How Can We Lure More Folks to Emacs?

Monday, Dec 14, 2015
6:30 PM

41 Winter St., 6th floor
Boston, MA 02108

Harry Schwartz will be discussing how we might tempt users of other editors to the One True Way:

The out-of-the-box Emacs experience isn’t great for new users. There’s no syntax highlighting, they have to type “yes” to confirm actions, and their repos are suddenly littered with files ending with “~”.

There are some great projects to make Emacs more approachable. Prelude provides a terrific selection of preconfigured packages, and Spacemacs offers a great onramp for users coming from Vim. I’m not crazy about those, though; I kinda feel like they “magically” do too much, and that they might not encourage exploration and modification in the same way that Emacs generally does.

I recently created sensible-defaults.el as an alternative. It’s a minimal set of configuration changes and keybindings: just enough to knock off some of the unnecessarily sharp edges. A user can use as much or as little of it as they’d like, and it’s amenable to tweaking and customization.

The Key-signing Party

In addition to the talk, we’ll also be having our First Annual Holiday Key-signing Party! Bring along a PGP key and a photo ID if you’d like to participate. If you’d like to get started with PGP, try reading PGP and You and creating a key before the event. We’ll help you out with the signing and whatnot.

Free food and drinks are courtesy of thoughtbot.