Boston Emacs Meetup

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Monthly Meetup—Using Emacs with Apple Keyboards

Monday, Nov 16, 2015
6:30 PM

41 Winter St., 6th floor
Boston, MA 02108

Another month, another Emacs meetup! This month Paul Michael Reilly will be giving us a talk on Using Emacs with Apple Keyboards:

Apple laptop hardware, while expensive, provides extremely high-quality processor, storage, and display capabilities. It’s the go-to hardware for heavy-duty developers across the planet. But there’s one area where PC hardware remains unsurpassed by Apple: keyboards. The Apple keyboard is notoriously bad from an ergonomics perspective, as my experience using Emacs on various MacBook Pro laptops attests. Many solutions are suggested for the Emacs diehard on Apple short keyboards, but none that I found were satisfactory. In this talk I’ll chronicle the path I took to achieve a pain-free experience using standard Mac keyboards at home, on the train, and in the office.

Free food and drinks are courtesy of thoughtbot.